Mixing & Production: Making your music sound great!

As well as session guitar and composition, I also work as a Producer/Mixer helping bands and singers achieve their vision and to get noticed by music industry professionals and potential fans – without spending a fortune.  

Working with a Producer is a proven way to help turn your unique musical vision into a reality. This could mean mixing an existing recording, recording new parts, layering/arranging, editing, experimenting with recording techniques and creating the best environment for the artist in which to create. A Producer’s role will vary depending on the needs of the artist.

A Producer offers fresh ears and objectivity to help make choices and move ideas forward.

A lot of my clients are artists/singers who want to have great demos but who don’t want the pressure or costs associated with posh, state-of-the-art studios.

For example; a recent client had some songs they’d written with vocals and a ukulele. They wanted to build the songs into full arrangements so they could approach live promoters for gig bookings; so it was important to get a quality recording that also showcased their style and songs.  

I re-recorded the vocal and ukulele parts before adding bass, keys, synths, drums, percussion and then finally arranging, editing and mixing the recording. The whole process took just over a day and matched their small budget. They were really happy and booked another session in straight away.

Find out more about what I do on my Mixing / Music Production page and of course, contact me if you feel I could help.





I’m a Composer, Producer & Guitarist based in sunny* Brighton, UK.

Welcome to questionably named website where you can see examples of my work and find out more about me & what I do.

“Steve Baker is a purveyor of the finest audio compositions. He took the time to understand our vision and gave us a tune that was so catchy it needed its own vaccine.” – Tom Picken, Poindexterous

*we also get a fair amount of rain, wind and mist.